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Discover the E-book « (Re)invent your business model with Odyssey 3.14 method », This book was designed in an origninal format and content : each double page is and independant section combining short text insights, examples, graphs and charts, allowing for an immediate appropriation. The Book contains over 80 stimulating case studies in various industry types and related to various innovation directions.

3 pillars of a business model

3 pillars of a business model

Strategic innovation is based on an original combination of 3 pillars that characterise a business model.

14 directions to explore

14 directions
to explore

Innovation is first about discovering new ideas. We propose 14 directions, each one illustrated by an example.

make it happen

Make it

Reinventing a business model is a challenging endeavour with several stages from ideation to deployment.

85 cases to stimulate innovations

85 cases to stimulate innovations

85 cases of business model inventions or reinventions in different business sectors will urge you to embark on an Odyssey 3.14!

The original approach to

Innovation is the new business imperative. Every company, big or small, and regardless of its industry, is trying to find the magic formula for innovation. Odyssey 3.14 offers an original approach by inviting you to take a real journey that combines innovation and strategy. Starting with 3 pillars that make up the business model, this approach recommends 14 directions for you to consider in order to invent or Reinvent your business model. Odyssey 3.14 is the result of over ten years of research, consulting and teaching (in particular at HEC Business School in Paris, Shanghai, Doha and Moscow.) by the three authors in the field of innovation and strategy. We believe that innovation is an adventure, and as with every adventure it has its pitfalls. We seek to overcome these pitfalls, by inviting you to embark on the journey with us.